BookingSuite Traveler Trends Report: The Decision Stage

This is the third and final installment of our 2016 BookingSuite Traveler Trends report which explores current trends in online booking behavior. The series also addresses how our property partners can adapt to the contemporary booker’s needs. In the last chapter of our trends report, we’ll discuss how you can influence travelers in the final stage of […]

BookingSuite Report: Trends in Traveler Research

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This is the second in a three-part series exploring current trends in online booking behavior. The series also addresses how our property partners can adapt to the contemporary booker’s needs. Check back weekly for each new installment. Part II: The Research Stage Traveler’s mindset: brand agnostic, information-hungry Travelers approach hotel brands with a degree of […]

How Rate Shopping Propels Revenue Strategy

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Your relationship to local competition is as unique as your property itself. Some revenue and property managers work closely with other accommodations in the area to keep tabs on availability, occupancy, and pricing. This cooperation usually involves tight business relationships and a good amount of trust. More often, however, revenue managers need to perform diligent […]

The Active Rate Shopping Advantage

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Rate shopping is a fundamental part of any revenue management strategy. Revenue managers track the competition’s pricing in meticulous detail—a daunting task. The complexity of the competitive landscape often turns rate shopping into a reactive pursuit, a mad scramble across direct channels, OTAs, and other outlets to retrieve quick, yet accurate information. It doesn’t have […]

Using Big Data to Price Local Events


Properties set pricing for annual local events such as summer festivals or holidays. For example, a rush of tourists in town for the annual Christmas Market causes a property’s occupancy rates to increase by 15%. In order to capitalize on this anticipated demand spike, the property can adjust room rates using the previous years’ occupancy […]

Six Ways to Get Ready for Peak Season


Ski lodges in Innsbruck know it. Vineyards in Chile know it. B&Bs in New Orleans know it. All types of businesses experience peaks and valleys to their sales. While multiple variables contribute to the fluctuation, seasonality is perhaps the most common cause of boom—or bust—to business. People working in the lodging industry know seasonality better […]

Revenue Management FAQs


BookingSuite loves answering questions. After all, it’s our job to make complicated things simple. In this installment of our FAQ series, we dive into the topic of revenue management. Q: What is revenue management? A: Businesses are meant to make money. However, revenue doesn’t grow by accident. In the lodging industry, revenue management is the strategic […]