What is an algorithm, anyway?


Software has the ability to make astonishingly accurate predictions on matters both personal and global. For example, Spotify and other music streaming software suggest artists that you’ll like based on music you already enjoy. OkCupid pairs online daters with potential matches via algorithms designed to predict romantic spark. Banks around the globe make stock market trades […]

Tips: Property Photos to Sell Rooms

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 4.15.36 PM

The Internet’s a highly visual place filled with cat memes, 360 degree images of high-tech running shoes, and Facebook photos from last Saturday’s karaoke outing. Each time a person goes online, she or he consumes countless images. These images help tell stories—and sell products—online. Accommodation providers should take full advantage of this principle. Online distribution […]

RateManager Makes tnooz


BookingSuite is in the (t)nooz again. The popular travel publication recently reported on the emergence of RateManager, BookingSuite’s new revenue management tool. Here’s a snippet of what tnooz had to say about RateManager: Ordinarily, a product update doesn’t merit a spotlight on its own. But a few things set apart the news that Booking.com, the e-commerce […]

Revenue Management FAQs


BookingSuite loves answering questions. After all, it’s our job to make complicated things simple. In this installment of our FAQ series, we dive into the topic of revenue management. Q: What is revenue management? A: Businesses are meant to make money. However, revenue doesn’t grow by accident. In the lodging industry, revenue management is the strategic […]