Ten Things You Might Not Know About the Millennial Traveler


By now, you probably know that the Millennial generation has arrived on the global travel scene in a big way. They’re on the road for business and for leisure, and they’re eager for new and unique experiences. Even so, Millennials can be hard for accommodation providers to pin down. They’re tech-savvy and confident about researching […]

These Properties Score Highest On Organic Search: Find Out Why

Three Property Views

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Here are three of BookingSuite’s top-performing sites when it comes to organic search. That means that out of thousands and thousands of properties, these ones get the highest number of clicks into their booking engine via organic search terms. That, of course, leads to more […]

Is Your Website Doing Its Job?: The Only Three Things You Need to Know

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You’re too busy to take a crash course in website design, but you need to know if your property’s site is worth the investment. Enter BookingSuite. We’ve combed through tons of best practices, guides and case studies to give you a website assessment tool for the hospitality industry. You can forget all the technical jargon. […]

Millennial Business Travelers: Three Key Characteristics

Millennial business traveler

We hear a lot these days about the spending power of Millennials. With over 70% of this audience reporting it would like to visit all 50 states and over 75% wanting to go abroad, both domestic and business travel are key interests for this demographic. Business travel, you say? Yes, indeed. Millennials are rising up […]

Land Ho! Get To Know WebComplete


  The hotel business is shifting and changing more rapidly than any other time in its history. Communicating with customers has undergone a sea change: desktop, mobile and tablet are available 24/7. One statistic says that 90% of the world’s information was created in the past two years. Reaching customers today means finding them in […]

Forget Paris. Boutique Destinations Are Where It’s At

boutique destinations

While the beauty of Dubrovnik is undeniable, it’s just a little bit less so during peak seasons when every cobblestone street is packed with gelato-licking tourists.  When I visited during August two years ago, I couldn’t help thinking how amazing the city would be if it wasn’t for all the people. This is part of why vacationing to smaller cities is actually […]

Pumpkin Spice Overkill: Holiday Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

holiday hotel marketing

In an affront to gourds everywhere, this year my local chain coffee shop started steaming up Pumpkin Spice Lattes on a balmy August 27th. I remember when pumpkins were respected harbingers of autumn; humble gateway gourds to more exotic seasonal delights. These days, Cucurbita maxima is pimped out a solid three weeks before the equinox. Misplaced […]

PAII Conference 2014: Top Takeaways

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It seems like it was only yesterday that we were soaking up the sunny rays and innkeeper camaraderie of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina! Three of us were lucky enough to experience the insights and enthusiasm of veteran and aspiring innkeepers alike at this year’s PAII conference. There was so much learning to be done–especially in […]