Hotels That Go Bump in the Night


Ghouls, goblins, and ghosts: oh my! October means it’s Halloween season, particularly in North America. Besides trick-or-treaters at your hotel’s door, you might just find a few travelers looking for a frightfully good time. If your property or neighborhood boasts a ghost story, you’re in luck. Check out these savvy partners who capitalize on their haunted […]

Do You Really Need That Dazzling Property Website?


Life is full of tough choices.  Allow yourself one more cat video, or get back to work? Wear slacks to the office, or what technically count as yoga pants? Wash your dishes on the regular, or straight up murder baby polar bears with your Styrofoam addiction? BookingSuite can’t help you with everything, but we do […]

5 Things About Hotel Marketing I Learned From My Cat

5 Things About Hotel Marketing I Learned From My Cat

What could mysterious, hard-to-please furballs possibly have in common with marketing your hotel to guests online?  Quite a bit, it turns out. Just like your guests, these critters want what they want and will bolt maniacally away if they don’t get it.  If you can please your cat, you can probably please your guests. These […]

SEO Tiki-Taka


The World Cup starts in just a few days and here in the good old U-S-of-A the buzz is palpable. Everyone’s dusting off their trusty vuvuzelas, wondering how it’s already been four years since we last heard the instrument’s sweet, sweet music. What? The vuvuzela’s out? Well then, everyone from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon, […]

Your Bookers May Be Pantless …

  Or otherwise indisposed. Why?  Because most of the mobile audience is chillaxing at home when they research travel. Fuzzy slippers, rollers, eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar … You know how it goes. This is because travel shopping is a “lean-back” activity, says eMarketer. The mobile travel audience overwhelmingly researches and books in […]

How To Manage Millennials In The Workplace

Millennials_at_work 1

How will you know when the Millennials have finally taken over your office? The disappearance of all paper whatsoever?  Casual Fridays every day?  The widespread acceptance of “Hey dude” as a boss-appropriate email salutation? It could be all of the above by 2020. That’s when 80 million Millennials will comprise 40 percent of the total […]

Turning guest popularity into currency

The lobby of 1888 Hotel, Sydney Australia

I recently came across an article in The Week about the world’s first Instagram Hotel: 1888 Hotel.  The property underwent significant renovations in the last two years, ending up with an ingenious (methinks) idea to capitalize on their new looks. Nearly every aspect of the interior décor offers up inspiration for Instagrammers to take and […]