Revenue Management vs. Profit Management White Paper

Rev Management vs. Profit Management white paper cover

The latest BookingSuite white paper takes a look at assumptions around revenue management, and how you can rethink your property’s yields using a strategy we call profit management. Profit management considers costs of acquisition by channel, opportunity costs, and target audience to give you a complete picture of your property’s net revenue. Read the full strategy in Revenue […]

Your Bookers May Be Pantless …

  Or otherwise indisposed. Why?  Because most of the mobile audience is chillaxing at home when they research travel. Fuzzy slippers, rollers, eating marshmallow fluff straight out of the jar … You know how it goes. This is because travel shopping is a “lean-back” activity, says eMarketer. The mobile travel audience overwhelmingly researches and books in […]

You Use The Cloud Every Day


Seriously. You do. You use the Cloud all-the-freaking-time. I do, too. Netflix’s based in the Cloud, and I’m on there a lot. Just look at my Top Picks. They’ve got me down. Ugly Betty. Don’t judge. NPR, please help me explain my point. Last week, NPR’s “All Tech Considered” did a series of reports exploring cloud […]