RateManager Autopilot is Here!

BookingSuite RateManager has always provided reliable rate recommendations. Now, we’d like to introduce a new feature which automatically syncs our reliable rates with your channel manager.

In short, Autopilot makes your revenue management workflows easier than ever. And in true BookingSuite fashion, the feature is fully customizable. Read on to see the key features of Autopilot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 11.49.09 AM

  • Select the room types for which you’d like Autopilot to apply. Choose as many, or as few, room types to automate.
  • Only want to automatically push rates that are higher than your current rates? Or does it only make sense to automate reduced rate recommendations? Customize the types of recommendations you want Autopilot to sync.
  • Similarly, you can limit the percentage difference between your current rate and the rate recommendations pushed by Autopilot. This protects you from listing any rates that vary too much from your typical rates.
  • Set the timeframe in which you’d like to run Autopilot. You can automate rates for as little as one day or as far out as a year.
  • Turn off autopilot on a recurring basis for certain days of the week. For example, this is useful if weekends generate greater demand fluctuation than weekdays. Finally, blackout specific dates anywhere on the calendar, and Autopilot will not run on these days.

If you’re already a RateManager user, please note that Autopilot requires special activation. Click the “Help” tab in your RateManager platform to request Autopilot activation. If you’re not already using RateManager, please click here to request a demo.

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